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Time of Remembrance 2022

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Northern California Time of Remembrance (NCTOR) 2022

Presented by Florin, Lodi, Placer County and Sacramento JACL Chapters

Time of Remembrance 2022 Virtual Event
“Beyond Confinement: Stories of Japanese American & Native American Resistance”

Event Description & Video Recording

This year’s program on February 12, 2022, is “Beyond Confinement:  Stories of Japanese American & Native American Resistance,” a continuation of last year’s “Uncomfortable Conversations: Racism, Equity, and Belonging” to address issues around the Japanese American community’s relationship with racism and the African American experience, intolerance, and the intersection of awareness and engagement. This year’s program brings the Native American experience side by side with our own. The program will highlight personal experiences through storytelling, as it focuses on the unique and different Native and Japanese American histories, the shared stories, and our responses to captivity, culture, perseverance, and resilience.  It’s important to begin to recognize our similarities but also the distinctions of the differences that Native people haven’t been treated the same as non-Native people with regards to the impact of white supremacy.

We’re excited to build bridges with our Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and other marginalized communities to be able to unite in solidarity and strength for our civil rights and democracy. We were without community support including our own nation’s when we were incarcerated during WWII, and we will stand up and fight systemic racism and structures that stand in the way for the rights and equity for all of us.

Thank you to our Partners, Sponsors, and Donors!




ACC Senior Services: Due to the pandemic, since 2021 we have gratefully used ACC’s facility and technical expertise to stream our live virtual NCTOR event. ACC’s mission as a non-profit is to provide culturally sensitive health and social services for older adults, including different levels of care facilities, wellness/exercise classes, workshops, transportation, meals, and many more services for the community. Website: accsv.org.


The educational partners have continued to provide support in facilitating the program activities that provide students from throughout Northern California with first-hand accounts of the Japanese American experience during World War II, so participants can explore concepts of citizenship, constitutionality, and redress.

  • THE CALIFORNIA MUSEUM:  For the past 20 years, the Museum has hosted the program, where more than 5,000 students from throughout northern California hear first-hand accounts from Japanese American survivors and others about the importance of valuing and speaking up for the rights of themselves and others.
  • ELK GROVE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD AND SUPERINTENDENT: For the past 39 years, the only California School Education Board to pass a Resolution to commemorate the Time of Remembrance program, sponsor teacher training, develop curriculum, and provide student education with the Florin JACL and other community partners.
  • CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SACRAMENTO, LIBRARY, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS.  With contributions from the community, volunteers and fundraising, the library has preserved thousands of documents and artifacts, sponsored exhibits and educated countless students and scholars both online and in the library.  Many of the artifacts in the California Museum exhibit “Uprooted” come from the Special Collections.

Sponsors and Donors

Silver Level ($500-$999)

Nichi Bei Foundation
Lorna Fong in memory of Mary Kawano Fong
Marielle Tsukamoto
Katie Uemura

Bronze Level ($250-$499)
Law Offices of Joshua Kaizuka
Arleen Mataga
Walter & Kathy Menda
Heidi Sakazaki
Genevieve Shiroma
Sharon Takeda
Christine and Stan Umeda
Florin-SV JACL Chapter
Lodi JACL Chapter
Placer County JACL Chapter
Sacramento JACL Chapter

Supporters ($80-$249)

Naomi Herman-Apelt
Paul Hironaka
Donna Komure-Toyama & Titus Toyama
Lynn Matsuda
Arlene Matsuura
K. Miura
Janice Nakashima
Dan & Sharon Okada
Alaire Outlaw
Annette Reed
Miko Sawamura
Julie Thomas
Nancy Whiteside

Friends ($50-$79)
Naomi Aoyagi
Judy Fukuman
Angela Greeno
Ellen Griggs
Amy Hironaka
Cheryl Kasai
Karen Kurasaki
Bonnie London
Sandra Navarro
Judith Ryan
Irene and Rick Uno
Mariko Yamada
Lisa Yuki

Donate and Support Our Events and Education Program

Thank you for supporting the Northern California Time of Remembrance (NCTOR) program and the docent-led tours for school students of the California Museum’s longest-running exhibit, “Uprooted! Japanese American During WWII.”
Your donation will ensure that these programs continue. We welcome donations in any amount.

When you press the donate button, your donation will be processed through the Florin JACL and its PayPal account.

When you press the donate button, your donation will be processed through the Florin JACL and its PayPal account. All donations are tax-deductible. Our tax identification number is 94-6102630.

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